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Our team of professional fence designers will custom-design the appropriate fencing solution for your desired area. From small back yard dog fences to 100+ acre installations, we have the experience and the know-how to get the job done correctly, which is paramount to the longevity and dependability of your fence.

Which Style is Right For You?

A Dog Eared privacy fence is perfect for basic needs. Scalloped and Saddled privacy fence styles are classic in design and add a higher level of decoration to your yard, enhancing your surroundings and complimenting your landscape. Capped, picture framed baluster topped, lattice topped and X pattern privacy fences are modern in design and have an up-to-date look and feel to them. Whereas certain factors may have structural differences, much of it comes down to the individual preference on the look and presentation of the fence.

Wood Fence Materials

Pressure Treated Pine and Cedar are what wood fences are typically built from in this area. You can expect approximately 15 years of reliable, low maintenance service from your new wood fence; many still usefully serve their owners for 20-25 years or more before having to be replaced. Both of these wood fence products are bug and rot resistant.

It’s recommended that your privacy fence have a sealer applied at the time of construction. Applying a quality sealer (every 3 to 5 years) will add years to the life of your fence while keeping the “new” look for a longer period of time and minimize movement of the wood during the curing process.

Back Yard Fences & Privacy Fences

We’ll build your wood fence from scratch with high quality materials. We never use cheap, prefabricated panels or second grade wood.

Whether it’s your back yard, a playground, a pool area or the needs for a sound barrier, we have a style of fencing that’s right for you. Select from all types of wooden fencing which can be installed at a customized height to block the view of your yard from those around you as well as your view of adjacent properties.

Picket fences are usually shorter and have spaces between the boards to provide barriers to keep children and small pets inside while allowing you to enjoy the surroundings of your property.

The first step is for us to meet with you to determine the exact needs of your fence, to measure off the property and educate you on all of your options. We’ll make suggestions on the best applications for your situation, while answering questions along the way. Once we map out the plan for your fence, we’ll present all costs (labor and materials) before any work is done.

Once the plan is agreed to, we schedule a date with you for the installation. We arrive at your home with all the raw materials on our trucks necessary to construct your privacy fence on that date.
Only freshly pressure treated wood products are used, insuring that mold or mildew will not be on your lumber and that warping has not occurred. We only use quality powder-coated hinges and lockable self-latching latches for your gates. The holes are dug and posts are set approximately 2 feet deep in the ground with concrete. Finally, the fence boards are attached to the framing runners and the gates are built. Typical installation time for an average size yard takes one to three days for full completion.

Licensing and Insurance

We are licensed in state of Virginia. We carry full insurance coverage including workman’s compensation insurance as well as general liability. Be aware when entertaining proposals and services from non-insured companies. You should always ask to see a CURRENT copy of their insurance certificate. This will help reduce your exposure to liability issues.